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Zorin os lite a lightweight linux for old laptops

You have an old laptop or pc with low specificaions. The answer in one word is linux. You'll find a lot of lightweight linux operating systems that will help you revive your old computers (PCs or laptops). One of the best lightweight linux distributions is the zorin os lite linux distribution. Zorin os linux dostro is written in C, C++, Python, D, Java and based on ubuntu

Required hardware Specifications to run zorin os lite linux distro:

CPU : 

This lightweight distro requires 700 MHz Single Core – Intel/AMD 64-bit or 32-bit processor

RAM : 

You have to have at least 512 MB of RAM on your computer to run zorin os lite

Storage : 

At least 8 GB of free disk space is required for zorin os lite

Display : 

640 × 480 resolution

Features of zorin os lite

Fast :

This is why you are reading this article , If you have an old laptop or pc with low specifications you can use zorin os lite version of zorin os distro. It's very lightweight and speedy. It uses a lightweight desktop environment (XFCE). It runs smoothly on old computers (PCs or laptops). It works fine on computers as old as 15 years as stated by the main website. I myself used it on an old PC with 1 GB of ram and an old AMD processor and it worked fine.

Stable, solid and reliable :

As the main website states , It's built on ubuntu and linux foundation. Security patches and updates are available for years to come. It has a firewall which protects you from any attempt to steal your information


You can run all kinds of documents using the proper software , just like most linux distributions
You can also run some windows .exe files properly using wine

Flexibility :

You can intall zorin os alongside windows or mac os. So it become easier to boot from any of them thanks to grub2

Accessibility :

You can use zorin os in 50 different languages as well as the fact that it comes with assistive technologies

Strict privacy policy:

Zorin OS doesn't collect any of your personal data

Download page of zorin os lite 15.3 edition .iso image file