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Xubuntu a lightweight linux for old laptops


     You have an old computer whether laptop or PC with low specifications. The answer in one word is Linux distributions. You'll find a lot of lightweight easy-to-use Linux distros that can revive your old computer (old PC or laptop). One of the best lightweight Linux distributions in 2021 is Xubutnu Linux distro. xubuntu Linux distro is a debian-based distro. Xubuntu is an elegant , easy-to-use , lightweight , yet powerful Linux operating system. It comes with XFCE desktop environment which enhances speed.

Xubuntu - GUI

Required hardware Specifications to run Xubuntu Linux distribution:

Minimum requirements to run 64bit version :


Intel or AMD 64-bit processor


512 MB of memory

Disk space :

8 GB of free space

Recommended :


1.5Ghz Dual Core processor


2 GB of RAM

Disk space :

20 GB of free space


Your 32-bit processor needs to support PAE in order to run the 32-bit version of Xubuntu 18.04

Features of Xubuntu distribution

Fast :

Xubutnu is one of the known lightweight linux distributions. Although Xubuntu is built around lightweight software, They didn't ignore usability and performnce. xubuntu comes with XFCE desktop environment thats lightweight and highly customizable. So it can run on old computers (laptop or pc) without needing much of hardware.

Good looking:

xubuntu has a really good-looking graphical user interface (GUI), That both pretty and simple without ignoring performance. So if you want something to run your old laptop but you also want it to be good looking , go for Xubuntu

Easily customized:

Xubuntu is an easily customizable distro with XFCE environment. Through the included settings manager , You can control alot of things like customizing desktop functionalities

Ready to use:

Xubuntu linux distribution comes with preinstalled software that will make it usable without having to install other applications. Yet you can install applications supporting ubuntu throught APT , SNAP , or directly (e.g. .deb files and .appimage files)


You can run all kinds of documents and media using the proper software , just like most Linux distributions. You can also run some windows .exe programs properly using wine

Free :

Xubuntu is a free operating system


Being an ubuntu distro, You'll find ready solutions for almost all problems that face you when tou use xubuntu linux distro. There are a lot of forums,blogs and channels specializing in linux problems (Mainly ubuntu). Check this for more about available support

Download page of Xubuntu linux distro

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