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Slax a lightweight linux for old laptops

      You have an old computer whether laptop or PC with low specs. The answer in one word is Linux. You'll find a lot of lightweight easy-to-use Linux distros that will help you revive your old computers (old PCs or laptops). One of the best lightweight Linux distros in 2021 is Slax Linux distribution. Slax Linux distro is now based on Debian. Slax is an easy-to-use Linux operating system. This Linux distro runs directly from a USB drive that you can carry in your pocket. You should check this topic about how to make changes you do during using Slax Linux permanent

Required hardware Specifications to run Slax Linux distro:

Slax operating system 32bit version


i686 or newer CPU, all Intel processors and AMD processors will work


128 MB of RAM for desktop , 512 MB of RAM to run Web browser


CD or USB drive to boot from


network card, sound card

Slax operating system 64bit version


An x86_64 CPU, like AMD Athlon 64, Opteron,
Sempron, Intel Core 2/i3/i5/i7, and others


128 MB of RAM for desktop, 512 MB of RAM to run Web browser


CD or USB drive to boot from


network card, sound card

Features of Slax OS

Fast :

Slax is a really lightweight Linux distribution. The 32bit edition of Slax OS is designed to run on very old computers (old PC or laptop). It can run on computers as old as those with Intel 686; that dates back to 1995, as stated by the Slax website. It has a limitation of maximum memory that can be addressed by a single application. This limitation is 4 GB for a single application. The 64 bit version doesn't have that limitation.

Good looking:

Although small, Slax has a really good-looking graphical user interface (GUI), That both pretty and simple

Small size :

Despite its small size , Slax OS comes with wisely selected software like a web-browser and Terminal and more.

Easily customized:

Slax OS is now based on Debian so you can add or remove software using Debian APT pre-built packages that are totally supported.


You can run all kinds of documents and media using the proper software , just like most Linux distributions. You can also run some windows .exe programs properly using wine

No need to install:

As Slax runs directly from a USB drive , So you can use it on more than one PC. all you need is a compatible computer (Almost all computers) and a USB slot.

Free :

Slax is a free operating system that can be modified and redistributed under GNU General Public License

Download page of Slax distro

Go to the main website of Slax distro, Then scroll down to the download links