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Q4OS a lightweight linux for old laptops

You have an old laptop or pc with little specs. The answer is linux os. You'll find a lot of lightweight linux distros that will help you revive that old computer (PC or laptop). One of the most lightweight linux distros is the Q4OS linux distribution. Q4OS is a debian-based linux that provides 2 desktop versions (Plasma desktop version and Trinity desktop version)

Required hardware Specifications to run Q4OS linux distro:

There are to versions of Q4OS linux : one called Plasma desktop version , and the other version is called Trinity desktop version

Plasma desktop version : 

This version of Q4OS requires 1GHz of CPU / 1GB of RAM / 5GB of free disk space

Trinity desktop version : 

Requires 300MHz of CPU / 128MB of RAM / 3GB of free disk space, So it's best for old computers

There are also other versions of this os that are optimized for Raspberry Pi, Pinebook.

Features of Q4OS

Fast : 

this is why you are reading this article , If you have an old PC with low specifications you can use the Trinity desktop version of Q4OS linux , It's very lightweight

Stable : 

Q4OS linux distribution is really stable since it's based on debian os. This provides long-term support and security updates.

Visual themes : 

via Lookswitcher that can be installed from software center

A winows installer 

that will help you put Q4OS linux distro alongside windows (More

Other features (As stated by the main website of Q4OS) : 

Desktop profiler and Software center, installers for third party applications, support for x86/32bit as well as ARM architecture and even more

Download page of the images of Q4Os linux distro