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How to use your ipad to control your laptop or PC

Introduction :

    You have an Ipad and a computer (laptop or PC) , and you want to control your laptop using your ipad. Even more, If you want to have access to your laptop and control it remotely from anywhere or solve some software problems for a client using you ipad, just read this article and I'll show you how. I have used this method on Ipad 2 (2011) and it worked well.

The tool used in this tutorial:

    The tool used here is VNC connect by RealVNC. This software is really powerful. It's a fully encrypted remote desktop software. It supports multiple platform as you will see in the article.

Features of this software :

Simple and secure:

    This VNC software allows you to connect remotely to any computer (Laptop or PC) and view its screen in real-time. You can control it as if you are sitting in front of that computer's screen. It's really responsive and easy to use.

Flexibility :

    It provides both direct and cloud connectivity , File tranfer , Printing , Chat and more.


    This software is totally secure. It uses 256-bit AES session encryption and multi-factor authentication and other security features.

Not costly:

    You can create a non-commercial account (home subscription) and use it for free. There are paid subscriptions that aren't that costly. Check pricing here

Download the VNC app for ipad and laptop :

  • This Software has 2 types of apps , One is the viewer that is installed on the device you wanna use to view your computer (laptop or PC) , and the other application is the server that's installed on your laptop or any computer you wanna view remotely.
  • The server : It's compatible with a lot of platforms like (Windows , Apple Mac OS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Solaris, HP-Ux, AIX). This is what you will install on your laptop. For the sake of this tutorial , I'm gonna use the Linux version. You can download the server file from here
  • The viewer: Also compatible with a lot of platforms like (Windows , Apple Mac OS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Solaris, HP-Ux, AIX, Apple ios, Android) You can even open it in chrome web store. You can download the viewer from here , And you can download the ios version for your ipad from here

How to start using the VNC software:

  • For the sake of this tutorial , Install the server on your computer(laptop or PC) , and the viewer on your ipad.
  • You have to make an account .. So go to this page  and sign up for an account and choose the type of account "Personal"
  • Then go to your email and activate your account

Open the server app on you computer

  • Sign in (Under licensing)
RealVNC server - sign in

  • You can choose a 30 day trial of either the Enterprise or Professional subscription, You can choose the 'Home subscription' that's free for non-commercial purposes.
RealVNC server - Choose type of subscription

  • Then you will be asked to specify a VNC password : So choose a password that should be different from your account's password
RealVNC server - specify VNC password

  • Then apply the changes
RealVNC server - Apply

  • And done

Connect your Ipad to the computer (laptop or PC) with the server

  • Go to your ipad and open RealVNC viewer
  • Sign into the same account you have created
RealVNC viewer on ipad - Sign in

  • You'll be told that an email has been sent to you, So go to you email to Authorize signing in
  • Now you'll see your computer in the viewer , Tap on it
  • You'll be prompted for an identity check -> Tap on 'continue' -> enter the password you choose for the server so enter the password -> Tap on 'continue'
RealVNC viewer on ipad - Check identity

  • You should now see the screen of your computer (laptop or PC) on your ipad , And you can use your ipad to control your laptop whether connected to the same network or remotely.
RealVNC viewer on ipad - Viewing my laptop


  • You can change the settings  by tapping on (i), open keyboard by tapping on the (keyboard icon) , open scrollbar and shortcuts by tapping on (Mouse icon) , get more help by tapping on (?)

Note : 

    This method can be used for iphone and many other devices as described above in the "Download the VNC app for ipad and laptop" Section of this tutorial