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what are cookies and how to disable them

You always read at websites you visit , that the website is using cookies. But you don't really know what cookies are. In this tutorial I'm gonna show you what cookies are , what their types are and how to prevent cookies in google chrome.

What are internet cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are simply pieces of data that are transfered from the website you visit and stored in your browser to keep track of certain info.
An example of that would be the cookies that keep track of your shopping cart on a shopping website so that you can add products to the shopping cart. another example is login cookies that keep you logged in whenever you reopen the same site.

What are the types of internet cookies?

There are a lot of types of website cookies but to summarize:

Session cookies : 

As the name implies , these cookies are stored only for the period of the session , so they are deleted once you close the browser .. I have mentioned an example before which is shopping carts, these cookies help the website store what you added to your cart so that the value doesn't set back to 0

Permanent cookies (First-party cookies) :

 as the name implies , these permanent cookies store data on your device so they aren't deleted when you close the browser, so they are used for things like login data

Third party cookies : 

The domain of the cookie doesn't match the domain of the website visited , and thus it's not usually beneficial fo the session or services provided by that site , So the main purpose of these cookies is tracking. This type of cookies is actually why cookies gained a bad name in terms of privacy

Flash cookies : 

These are similar to conventional cookies but can hold much more info , These cookies are used in adobe flash , and they can remain on the computer even after clean-up (I mean the less radical clean-ups)

Zombie cookies : 

The worst type of cookies , they are recreated automatically after they have been deleted. Although they can be used for good deeds like preventing online gamers from cheating , they also can allow a hacker to install malicious viruses on your computer

How to enable/disable cookies in google chrome browser?

  • First , open google chrome browser
  • In the top bar open the settings as follows
Open google chrome settings

  • Then go to "Privacy and security"
  • Click on "Cookies and other site data"
Google chrome - "Privacy and security"

  • Here you can modify cookies , Allow them or disable them.
Google chrome - "Cookies and other site data"

  • You can also change individual site cookie preferences (Enable , Disable or clear cookies) for certain websites as follows :