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How to use a pc external graphics card (GPU) for laptop - The cheaper way

    Have you ever thought , it would be really nice if you can use a PC external GPU (Graphics processing units) for your laptop , then you might not have to change your laptop. PC external graphics cards are becoming really powerful and It will be nice if you can use it for your laptop gaming and rendering ..

There's an expensive way and a cheap way .. So let's go for the cheap solution.

So what will you need to connect external PC graphics card to laptop

You will need some converter from PCI.

You'll choose the converter according the the type of empty slot in you laptop. There are 5 types of the converter so choose wisely according to the type of the empty slot in your laptop : So before you buy check the type of empty slot in you laptop to buy a converter with a compatible cable:

You need a PC GPU that's preferably the same generation as your laptop to avoid any irregularities or failures. The recommended GPUs will be listed on the product page on banggood

You'll also need a power supply to give electric juice to the external graphics card

Lastly connect them in the way the manufacturer of the converter says.

Connect an external screen to the GPU and run the laptop and the external graphics card (GPU)

Install the drivers of the PC's GPU , and you're ready to use it.

Note : 

You might need the help of a technician to connect the PC GPU to a laptop. Althought it might leave some irregularity in the shape of the laptop , there might be away or 2 to connect the ecternal graphics card according to the model of the laptop