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9 lightweight linux distros for old laptops and PCs

 You have an old laptop with poor specs. No problem you can install one of the following linux distros.

Q4os : Debian-based

I have used the trinity version of this distro myself on an old PC with an old amd processor and 1 GBs of ram .. and I'm telling you it worked  smoothly

 Minimal  requirements:

  • Plasma desktop : 1GHz CPU / 1GB RAM / 5GB free disk space
  • Trinity desktop : 300MHz CPU / 128MB RAM / 3GB free disk space

Q4OS Desktop 1

Slax : Now,Debian-based

Slax is an easy to use os that's now based on debian. It runs straightforwardly from a USB drive so you don't have to install it. You should check this topic about how to make changes you make permanent

Requirements :

  • 32-bit version : i686 or newer CPU / 128 MB of RAM for desktop and 512 MB of RAM to run Web browser
  • 64-bit version : An x86_64 CPU / 128 MB of RAM for desktop and 512 MB of RAM to run Web browser




Zorin os lite :

The 64-bit version is better for most computers.
Older PCs with less than 2GB of RAM may only be work with the 32-bit version"

Requirements : 700 MHz Single Core – Intel/AMD 64-bit or 32-bit processor / 512 MB RAM / 8GB free disk space


Xubuntu :

The one I'm using on my laptop at the moment. It has XFCE desktop environment

Requirements : Intel or AMD 64-bit processor with 512 MB of memory


Linux lite : debian and ubuntu-based

It comes with Xfce desktop environment. I have used this one my self for like 3 months and it seemed to work for me very well.

Requirements : 1Ghz CPU - 768MN RAM - 8gb free disk space

  Linux Lite



LXLE : Ubuntu-based

It works well on both old and new hardware

Requirements Pentium 3 processor with at least 512 MB of ram and 8 GB of hard drive space


LXLE 16.04.1

AntiX linux : Debian-based

Provides a simple although beautiful graphic user interface

Requirements : almost any CPU/192 MB RAM for 32-bit and 265 MB for 64-bit version

07 Multitasking Demo

Puppy linux :

Requirements Pentium 900 MHz with 300MB of Ram

Tiny core linux :

As the name implies, It's focused on providing a tiny core with minimal functionality. It's the smallest linux distro I have used.

Tiny Core Linux Desktop