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Download and install Windows server 2019 drivers - 3DChip


    You're using a windows server for your computer (PC or laptop) for whatever reason (might be you are a student and have a license from Micorsoft azure with your .edu account) and you’re having hard times with finding drivers for your computer's hardware for windows server, So how will you solve these driver issues.

    First I'd recommend to try to find the original drivers from the manufacturing companies, but if you fail to find any drivers that are convenient for windows server , I’m here to introduce you to a software I used myself to solve driver issues I faced while using windows server 2019 , although I advice you to use these third party software with caution. This software is called "3DP Chip"


  • First, You have to download 3DP Chip software from here 
  • Once you download , go the the download folder and run the software 
  • The aim of this software is that it searches your hardware to detect the missing drivers on your computer and then provide you with the needed drivers (e.g. Intel graphics, Network, Boradcom, Sound and others) to download

3DP Chip GUI

  • By clicking on the missing driver , a webpage will open giving you a download link for that driver
  • Download and install the driver package from 3DP Chip website, this should work.
Download driver fro 3D chip website


I used 3DP Chip for downloading intel graphics driver for my windows server 2019 , after I have been searching a lot for a working driver for intel graphics for windows server.