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What to put in a footer of a website

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You have created a website.May be you have used a template that has a good footer section design , but you don't know what should be put in the footer of the website.
In this topic I’m gonna show you a list of the best elements that you can put in the footer section of your website.

List of what to put in the footer of your website:


This is an important item to include in the footer of your website. you should put the main pages of your website in the footer as well as in the header or navigation bar , so it becomes really easy for your visitors to navigate throughout these main pages.

Website sections: 

You may have a website with multiple sections (Or labels in blogger). You might wanna put the main sections of your website into the footer, so that it becomes easier for your visitors to navigate through them.

Contact form

A contact form is really important for solving any issues the clients or visitors are facing using you services or website.So a good footer design should include a contact form. The best site for putting a contact form (from my point of view) will be in the bottom or the footer of the website, although you might wanna add a button or something in the navigation bar that directs the visitor the a contact form.

Subscription box

Some people might use a pop up subscription box , for me I find it some sorta annoying to the visitor , so you can put it in the sidebar or the footer of your website. Subscription box is really important to make your email list and allow visitors to know about your new posts or services, so it's really important to include this item in your website

Social media buttons

You really wanna add social media buttons to many parts of the page like header , sliding sidebar , footer , but make sure it looks good and not confusing. You should distribute sharing buttons as well as social media pages buttons wisely in the page. A good practice is to put your contact in the footer of your website including social media buttons, business phone number,FAX numbers and contact email.

About me

you can put a hint or some little information about your company , you , or your business in the footer of your website.


One important item to include in the footer of a website , is designer credit and copyright statement.