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How to take a screenshot of a web page in Firefox - By using a Firefox add-on


      Have you ever thought , It’d be really nice to take a screenshot of a whole web page instead of multiple short screen shots. You are probably familiar with the embedded screenshot choice in firefox (Right click and choose"Take a screenshot"). this simple solution allows you to take a screenshot of either the whole page or the visible part of it.

      In this tutorial I’m gonna tell you about another solution which is a Firefox add-on called "Awesome screenshot".

Steps for installing and using "Awesome screenshot and screen recorder" add-on:

  • First go to this link for adding “Awesome screenshot and screen recorder” add-on

  • Click "Add to Firefox"

  • A notification will appear on the upper screen , Just click on "Add"

  • Once "Awesome screenshot" add-on is added to Firefox, click on the icon of “Awesome screenshot and screen recorder” add-on

  • This add-on provides 4 main choices :

  1. Capture visible parts of the page (Can be captured after countdown)

  2. Capture a selected area

  3. Capture entire page

  4. Select a local image

    "Awesome screenshot and screen recorder" choices


  • So choose any of the above choices,

  • Here I chose “Capture entire page” for demonstration

    "Awesome screenshot and screen recorder" - "Capture entire page" choice initiated and going


  • Now you can do some modifications to the screenshot you have taken

  • Click “Done” when you finish modifying the screenshot

  • Now you can download the screenshot or share it elsewhere like facebook and twitter

    "Awesome screenshot and screen recorder" - "Download or share screenshot" screen

Here’s the example of one of my screenshots

Click here to view