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A really powerful note-taking chrome extension - (Note Board - Sticky Notes App)


      In this tutorial I’m gonna tell you about a really powerful chrome extension that you can use for taking notes. This extension is called “Note Board - Sticky Notes App”. this extension  comes with many free features.

The main features of  "Note Board - Sticky Notes App" chrome extension :

  • Boards : For the free version you can make up to 7 boards only
  • You can add many notes
  • You can sign in and synchronize your notes across devices
  • You can add files to your notes
  • You can create a note directly by taking a photo using camera
  • You can add stickers to decorate and connect the notes in a stylish manner
  • There are some plugins that you can use only if you go premium
  • You can backup and restore you notes
  • You have a powerful note editor
  • You can go into a presentation mode where the notes are presented subsequently
  • You can change the background

Steps to add "Note Board - Sticky Notes App" extension to chrome

  • First open the link to extension from chrome here
  • Click on “Add to chrome”

Note Board - Sticky Notes App : click on add to chrome

  • Click on “Add extension”

Note Board - Sticky Notes App : Click on add extension

  • Now if you wanna pin the noteboard icon do the following

Note Board - Sticky Notes App : Pin extension

  • To open the noteboard extension , Just click on its icon

Note Board - Sticky Notes App : Interface