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How to make a multiboot flashdrive with the ability to choose what operating system to install on boot - Easy2boot


       Have you ever thought , It'd be really nice If you can Just copy .iso files of operating systems to your flash drive and choose
which one to install on boot without having to flash only one iso to the flash drive for it to be bootable.This is made easy with "easy2boot"

       In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to use "easy2boot" to add multiple operating systems to your flash drive with the ability to choose what
to install upon booting into your flash drive


  • First download easy2boot from here.
easy2boot - Download 1

easy2boot - Download 2
  • Once you download , go to download folder and install the software.
easy2boot - install

  • Now easy2boot is installed and the GUI of the software is opened.
  • Select the flash drive you wanna add operating systems to it.
easy2boot - select flashdrive

  • Then click on "Make E2B drive".
easy2boot - click on "Make E2B drive"

  • Now you will be prompted that all the data on the drive will be erased. so click on "ok" to erase the data and continue
easy2boot - "Ok" to erase all the data on the drive

  • You will be prompted multiple time to choose either "y" or "n" , so just type "y" and then press "Enter".

  • Now as you see it's done so press Enter to continue.
Easy2boot - Press enter to continue

  • Now copy the iso file of the operating systems and paste it in the corresponding folders on the flash drive.
  • For example If it's a linux distro , go to your flash drive -> open "_ISO" folder -> Then open "Linux" folder -> Then paste the linux .iso.
  • Upon booting into your flash drive you will be asked what to install

In an upcoming tutorial, I'll show you how to install Arch linux that's put on my flash drive the same way as in this tutorial.