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How to detect iframes in your webpage using a chrome extension


      You made a website and you're using a ready-to-use template. On thing to do is to check if your is performing well in terms of SEO and speed and other things.One of the things you should give care to are iframes. Iframes are sometimes discouraged on a web page as they might complicate your web page use especially on mobile phones. Some services require you to embed an iframe object as well So be careful when you wanna remove an iframe object.

     If you're not that good with HTML how will you know if your there are any embedded iframes on your webpage.

     In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to check you web page for any iframe object with a chrome extension known as "Iframe Detector" by
As the name implies this is an iframe detection chrome extension that checks webpages for any embedded iframes


  • Click on "Add to chrome" to add it to your chrome browser.

Iframe detector - Click on "Add to chrome

  • Click on "Add extenion".

Iframe detector - click on "Add extension"

  • To pin the "Iframe Detector" chrome extension , do the following:

Iframe detector - Pin extension

  • Finally , to check whether your web page is using iframes , open your web page , then click on the chrome extension icon.
  • This  show you if your web page is using iframes and the each iframe source.
Iframe detector - my web page iframes