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Convert docx (word), pptx (powerpoint) and others to PDFs , split pdfs and Merge pdfs for free with this website


       You want to convert word files , powerpoint files to PDFs , split pdfs and Merge pdfs but you want to do all these for free ..
       In this tutorial I’m gonna introduce you to one of the best websites for that that I use myself and It’s
As the site states “Every tool you need to work with PDFs in one place“.

The main features in this website are :

  • Merge PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Compress pdf
  • Convert word to pdf
  • Convert powerpoint to pdf
  • Convert excel to pdf
  • Convert HTML to pdf
  • Convert JPG to pdf
  • Convert pdf to word
  • Convert pdf to powerpoint
  • Convert pdf to excel
  • Convert pdf to JPG
  • Rotate PDF
  • Add a watermark
  • Add page numbers to pdf
  • Protect PDF
  • Organize pdf pages
  • Repair PDF
  • Sign PDF

The free version provides

The previous tasks with no limitation to the number of tasks but with limited number of files/task

These 2 aren’t involve in the free version :

  • PDF to WORD (OCR)
  • PDF to PDF/A
  • For more about the limitations check this

Steps to use this website :

  • It’s free and you don’t have to register
  • Just click on the service you want .. Here I'm using the "Merge PDF' service for demonstration
  • Upload the files
Select files - - Merge files
"Open files window" - - Merge PDF files

  • And then click convert or merge or whatever service you’re using - click on Merge PDF

  • Once the upload is done , the file(s) will be worked on by the site (this usually doesn’t take time) - Uploading - Merging
  • The final product will be presented to you for download - Download merged pdf

  • One thing I like about is that it allows you to delete the file immediately and if you don’t delete it , it will be deleted automatically in 2 hours - delete files