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Check if you website is mobile-friendly with these tools

     You have created a website (e.g. a blogger blog) , and probably wanna try some ready to use design or template. One thing you should make sure of is whether it's mobile-friendly. Your website responsiveness is one of the most important factors affecting your ranking in google.

    So how will you know if your website is responsive and mobile-friendly.

    Here I'm gonna show you some free tools you can use to check if your website is mobile-friendly.

Tools :

Mobile-friendly test by google

go to the tool , enter URL, and click on "Test URL" (as simple as that). This will do some analysis, and will tell you whether your website is mobile-friendly and responsive.
It will also give you some additional resources , Like a detailed report of your URL mobile usability results.

Mobile friendliness tool by bing:

This is another tool provided by bing to check mobile friendliness of your website. Just go to the tool , enter URL to check , and click on "ANALYZE". This will give you a brief report of your website's mobile friendliness in addition to a screenshot of how your website looks on mobile phones.

Mobile-friendly check by rankwatch:

Go to the tool's page , enter URL , enter email , then you will be asked to do some capacha , then click on "Run test"


This tool shows you how your website will look on low-tier, Mid-tier and high-tier mobiles as well as on a desktop. It also gives you a score of how you rank compared to the scores of the top 1000 alexa sites measured by mobiready. It also gives you you web page's weight. It also shows you your webpages results and if you have anything in your website affecting its speed like "DNS lookups , Java scripts and others"

Some other mobile-friendly tools provided by :