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Use your android phone as a wireless mouse for your PC and more - Andromouse - ubuntu turorial


In this topic I'm gonna answer the question how to use your android phone as a mouse for your linux PC - Andromouse

     You probably thought it'd be very nice if you can connect you phone to you PC or laptop and use it as a a wireless mouse or keyboard. That's feasible with a lot of tools In today's topic I'm gonna show you how to use a tool called "Andromouse" in order to use you android phone as a mouse for you PC or aptop. As the main website states "AndroMouse lets you convert your Android smartphone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, media remote, file browser and much more." .. There are two ways of connection here which are WIFI and Bluetooth. Andomouse functionalities (as a mouse) allow you to click , double click, right click and more

Some of the features highlighted on the main website are :

  • Speak to type

  • File browser

  • Andomouse functionalities (as a mouse) allow you to click , double click, right click and more

  • Function keys

  • Numpad

  • Media Remote

  • Shortcuts : Like copy , Cut , Paste , Print .. an you can create you own

  • Game Pad : Which allows you to use you phone as a joystick

  • File Browser : Which allows you to browse files on you PC or laptop and you can open any file you want

  • Presentation : Where you can control you powerpoint presentation using you phonePower keys : Like shut down , restart , or sleep


       Although I knew andromouse when I shifted to linux , but then I knew that andromouse can be run on almost every operating system since it's using .jar client , and thus you'll only need to install java. it comes with small size of the installation package. I have used this open source software myself for sometime and it's working really fine

Steps to download and install andromouse

  • Go to google play and download andromouse .. there are 2 versions one with ads  and one without 
  • Install the app on you android phone
  • Now the main part : 
  • Go to the main download page   
  • Download the PC server 
  • Install java from terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) "sudo apt install default-jre" 
  • Unzip the server file
  • Now rename the server file with any name you want but remove any spaces in the name of the server file

  • Copy the name of the file  
  • Right click in an empty space in the folder containing the server file and click on "Open terminal here" .. Another way to do that is by opening terminal "CTRL+ALT+T" , then write "cd location" .. And replace "location" with the location of the folder containing the installation package 

  • In the terminal window you just opened, type this code without quote marks "java -jar file.jar" and replace "file" with the name of the server file you just copied then press enter 

  • This should run andromouse server without any problem 

  • Now go to you phone 
  • Open andromouse 
  • Get past the tutorial 
  • Click on "NEW" 

  • Here I'm gonna choose "WIFI" as a method for connection .. Make sure your PC and phone are on the same WIFI network 

  • You'll find your Andromouse server 
  • Click "connect" 

  • Now you are connected and you can use Andromouse

Note for windows : It's much easier .. You can download and install java from here .. and then run the .jar file normally .. the rest of the steps as above