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Check how difficult a keyword is for competition

     You have created a website. That's one step. So how will you rank up in google. What keywords will you use , and what will you write in terms of SEO (Search engine optimization).

    The keyword difficulty depend on some factors like the domain authority of ranking pages for these keywords in SERP (Search engine results pages).

     For sure you can't start with short-tailed keywords. you wanna start with long-tailed keywords and then after the domain gains some authority and your site gets some rank , you can move to medium-tailed keywords.

    So How will you know what keywords are difficult to rank in , and what keywords are easier. Here comes the importance of keyword difficulty checker tools.

     In this tutorial I'm gonna show you some keyword checker tools to use if you wanna find the difficulty of certain keyword.

Keyword difficulty checker tools :

    This tool shows you how hard it will be to rank up in the first 10 results in the google search results page.
The free has some limitations , where you might be prompted to start a free trial of the premium subscription to pull the data manually for certain keyword

    You can enter up to 100 keywords separated by comma for analysis at the same time. once you enter a keyword you will be prompted to sign in or register if not already signed in.
Once the analysis is done for the keyword , you'll get the results.

    This tool helps you choose the right keywords to target in terms of Difficulty Score , Volume Score, and Opportunity Score. It isn't free , but you can get 30 day free trial at the time this post wass written

  • Some other keyword difficulty checker tool:


Alexa keyword difficulty tool