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WPS office for linux - MS office alternative


     You shifted from windows to linux , So you probably searched for an alternative for Microsoft office that is preferably free. I'm here to introduce you to one of the best free alternatives to Microsoft office (If not the best) and it's WPS office by Kingsoft corporation. You will be stunned by how familiar and functional the interface of that software is.
    Although I knew WPS office when I shifted to linux , but then I knew that WPS office is also available for windows and Mac os.There's also a version for ios and one for android As the main site states : "It's highly compatible with Microsoft office , Google docs and adobe PDFs" and stunningly with such functionality it comes with small size of the installation package.
     8 language are available on WPS office for PC while around 46 are available for the android WPS office

The installation package of WPS office has 4 apps :

  • WPS Presentation : That's an equivalent of ms powerpoint , So you can use it to make a presentation
  • WPS Writer : That's an equivalent of ms word
  • WPS Spreadsheets : That's an equivalent of ms Excel
  • WPS PDF : That allows you to read , edit and convert PDFs


     In this tutorial I'm gonna show you the way of downloading and installing WPS office for Debian-based os like ubuntu .. I'm using Xubuntu here for demonstration

  • First go to the download website of WPS office to download WPS office for linux here
  • Click on "Download"
  • There are two packages of WPS office available for linux  , The ".deb' and the ".rpm" packages.
  • Here I'm gonna download the ".deb" package since I'm using xubuntu which is a debian-based linux

  • Once you download WPS office, Go to the download folder.
  • Right click in an empty space in the folder and click on "Open terminal here" .. Another way to do that is by opening terminal "CTRL+ALT+T" , then write "cd location"and replace location with the location of the folder containing the installation package

  • Now copy the name of the file
  • In the terminal window you just opened, type this code without quote marks "sudo dpkg -i filename.deb" and replace "filename" with the name of the file you downloaded
  • This should install wps office without any problem
  • If you face any dependency problem just type this code without quote marks "sudo apt upgrade -f" and this shall install the missed dependencies and it will reinstall the pakage on its own
Now you have installed WPS office