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How to use your android phone mic as a microphone for your computer

Introduction :  

     In this step by step tutorial , I'm gonna tell you how to use this great tool "WO mic" to transfer audio  from your android smartphone microphone to your PC or laptop. This tool allows you to connect your phone microphone to PC through USB , WIFI or bluetooth. It's also can be used for iphone as there's a version for ios on apple app store. It's free of charge although it shows ads and some features can't be used unless you subscribe.

Steps :

  • Then, you have to download and install WO mic client and WO mic driver for windows from here , I'm using the windows client here as a demonstration .. but you can download a client for linux if you have a linux distro
  • Run WO mic from your phone click on settings 
  • Then choose "Transport" to determine the connection method you want

  • Here I'm gonna use WIFI as a method of connection since it's gonna give you a good space to move away from you laptop.Please note that your phone and windows PC have to be on the same WIFI network
  • Get back to the home interface and then click on the  "Play" icon

  • You'll see the IP you should connect the WO client to "Up in the screen"

  • Now, run WO client in windows OS and open "Connection" menu and then choose "Connect"

  •  Now you can choose the method you want to connect .. so choose "WIFI" and enter the IP address you obtained from the WO mic program in you phone and then , Click "Connect"

  • Now, Your mobile phone is connected to the PC an you can use your android phone microphone as a microphone for you computer which you can now use or recording , online meetings etc.