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Use virtualbox to make a virtual machine and install any operating system on it

Use virtualbox to install linux "xubuntu as an example here"

What's virtualbox? what virtualbox is used for?

      Virtualbox is a really good free tool to run and try operating systems "Like linux , windows and mac os" withing the os "Operating system" you are using.
      Virtualbox now belongs to Oracle corporation. It was initially released on 17 January 2007 by Innotek then acquired by Sun Microsystems "and so it was called Sun Virtualbox" , which  in turn became acquired by Oracle in 2010 "Thus called Oracle virtualbox".

How to make a virtual machine and install any operating system on it using virtualbox

This is gonna be a tutorial on how to use Oracle's virtual box to install any os .iso (I'm using Xubuntu here as a demonstration) ..
  • First, You'll need to download the .iso file : Example is Xubuntu (LTS is advisable) : You can download it from here
  • Then, You'll need to install virtualbox software : check this for how to install virtualbox on linux , windows , Macos , Solaris
  • Open virtualbox
  • Click on "New"

  • Write a name for the virtualbox machine , determine a folder for it , select the type of OS "operating system" you wanna install on this virtualbox machine which is "Linux" in our case, and from the version choose "Ubuntu 64-bit" , and then click next

  • Now it's time to determine what memory size you want for this machine "I'd go for 3 GB" and then click next
  • Choose "Create a virtual hard disk now" which is selected by default , then click "Create"
  • Choose which type you want for the hard disk file type (I'd go for the default "VDI")
  • Then determine the size of the used storage by choosing either "Dynamically allocated" or "Fixed size"
  • Then , determine the location and size "I'd go for 20 GB" of the virtual hard disk and click on "Create"
  • You have created a virtual machine on virtualbox , Now it's time to run it and install xubuntu: So select the virtualbox machine you have just created and click on "Start"
  • Now select the .iso file of Xubuntu as follows
  • Click on the little   icon
  • Click on "Add"
  • Navigate to the folder that has the .iso file , Select the .iso file and click open
  • Select the .iso and click "Choose"
  • Then , click on "Start"

  • And then you can install linux the same way you would install it on a real PC
I hope this has been helpful and hopefully now you can use virtualbox to run any os ..