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Linux to usb - Belena etcher

Belena etcher is an open-source software with a GUI that's used to flash linux distros (Like Ubuntu and its derivatives) to USB flash drives and SD cards and create a bootable Linux USB drive. It's really easy to use.

Main features of BalenaEtcher software

Validating flashing : So that you don't have issues booting from the USB after flashing.
Lovely GUI (Graphical user interface)
Cross platform (You can install BalenaEtcher on Windows , MacOs , and Linux)
Open source software

How to install balena etcher on linux :

  • Download balena etcher : 

Go to the main website of BalenaEtcher and download Balena Etcher for linux
  • Download the preffered linux distribution : 

so that you flash it to the USB using belenaetcher.
  • Open Balena etcher :

  1. Go the the download folder where you downloaded balena etcher , then Right click on balena etcher software and then choose (Properties)
  2. Click on (Permissions) tab and make sure that (Allow this file to run as a program) is checked
  3. Then execute BalenaEtcher simple by (Double click) on the file or (Right click) then choose (Execute)

  • This is the graphical interface of belena etcher

  • Flash .iso image of linux distribution to USB drive using BalenaEtcher

  • If you have the the .iso image of your preferred linux distribution already downloaded just click on (Flash from file)
  • Navigate to the location of the .iso image of the linux distro
  • Select the linux distribution .iso image and click (Open)
  • Now it's time to select the USB flash drive you want to use - Just click on (Select target)
  • Then choose the USB flash drive you want to use (By checking the box) then click select
  • Then click (Flash)
  • You will be prompted to enter your root password - then you can click (Authenticate)
  • The flashing process will take time , then the validation process will take less time, then finally you will be notified when belenaetcher is done flashing linux distro to USB
  • Congratulations , You now have a bootable Linux USB flash drive that you can use to install Linux instead of a DVD
  • Now you can close Balena Etcher or (Flash Another) .iso image.